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Our blog starts again

After a two-year break, our library has reactivated our blog.  For some recommended reads or staff picks or book talk in general please check us out.

Let’s start with a great little read to warm your heart in mid-winter.  If you like gentle romances with a touch of magic and fable, here is the perfect novel.  It also is very short which some people prefer.  “The storied life of A. J. Fikry” is set on a island off Cape Cod.  The widowed bookseller finds a mysterious package and the plot rolls from there.  His relationship with a publisher’s representative is particularly charming.  The author is Gabrielle Zevin.  She appears to have made her breakthrough with this sixth novel.


Wars of the Roses

Blood sisters : the hidden lives of the women behind the Wars of Roses.  Sarah Gristwood.

Readers who enjoy biographies about royalty or famous women will snap up this book.  The British Wars of Roses are usually described through the lives of men such as Richard III.  Gristwood resurrects the story of the queens, princesses and duchesses behind the scenes.  Powerful women such as Marguerite of Anjou who led her own armies and Elizabeth Beaufort, a scholar and clever politician colour the pages of this solidly written history.  There are even a couple of love stories although most of the book is about the exercise of power in a bloody age.

Sue’s pick for December

The uninvited guests by Sadie Jones.

After a terrible train wreck, victims of the accident arrive at the Torrington’s remote country home located somewhere in the north of England.  It isn’t Downton Abbey however as the servants are disgruntled and the house is falling apart.  Nothing is what it seems…Crystal-clear prose and memorable characters make this a real classic.

500 days: secrets and lies in the terror wars

500 days: secrets and lies in the War on TerrorKurt Eichenwald’s excellent book covers the 18 month period following 9/11. From the White House to 10 Downing Street, from Guantanamo Bay to anthrax attacks, from Bali to Afghanistan, this prize-winning journalist presents the era in all its confusion and fear. His fast-paced narrative reads like like a suspense novel only all the consequences are real. There is some interesting Canadian content in this as well.

Elva’s pick for September




Elva really enjoyed Gossip by Beth Gutcheon.  Gutcheon is an astute chronicler of everyday life.  In this novel, she examines what gossip can do to relationships.  Ava and Dinah, who already have a long history together, watch as their two children fall in love and marry.  Resentments boil over with disastrous consequences….

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Talk about a breathless read.  You really won’t be able to put this novel down, I promise.  Flynn leads us through a hall of mirrors where nothing is as it seems.  When Nick finds his beautiful blonde wife Amy has disappeared, the search is on and Nick is the main suspect.  He isn’t a perfect husband but then Amy has some secrets of her own.

World War intrigue

Recommended by Christine:
Time in between: a novel by Maria Duenas

This novel was an overnight international success. The heroine is a clothing designer to the privileged wives of the Nazi leaders during World War Two. She becomes embroiled in high stakes espionage and intrigue. Lots of drama and escapism for those who like well-written historical novels…